Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool

For my senior capstone project I chose to re-brand Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool, located in Batavia and Winfield, Illinois.

The mission of Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that helps increase children’s knowledge and development while learning through play. The re-brand of Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool consists of a fun, playful, youthful, creative, and secure environment. The target audience consists of: parents, guardians and caregivers who are looking for a new place to send their children for preschool, as well as those who currently have children enrolled at Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool.

Deliverables include: logo, stationery, brochure, activity booklet, child development publication, magnets, car decals, polos and an interactive website. Children’s drawings are used within all designs of Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool to ultimately relate the children and their drawings to the parents, guardians and caregivers on a more personal level. Using these visual elements were a way to convey a fun, playful, youthful and creative environment.

business cards and letterhead
Batavia Stationery
business cards and letterhead2
Winfield Stationery
Child Development Publication
Child Development Publication
Child Development Publication
take home activities
Activity Booklet
website home page
Interactive Website, Desktop Version
Interactive Website, Desktop Version

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