Spare Change Publication

Spare Change is a publication that was created by Megan Small (Creative Director & Copy Editor), Ali Helton (Photography & Illustrator Editor), Devin Moore (Estimator & Traffic) and Wesley Bishop (Production & Research). Spare Change centers around an individual’s place within the world. Exploring ideas on how to better themselves and their personal lives, but also the life and well-being of our planet. This publication offers tips and tricks to help become a more sustainable community. Half of all monthly profits are given to a worthy charity that is voted each month by our readers. We believe in giving back and leaving the world better than we found it.

The subject matter ranges from informative articles describing how people are bettering the world to small steps readers can take daily to improve their well-being.  We also think it is important to highlight the people who make a difference. By doing so, we include a Hero Of The Month in each issue. The readers may send in stories and personal biographies/autobiographies in hopes of being recognized in that month’s article.

Spare Change is also a publication that is meant to be passed along to someone who is in need of a change of heart, or simply shares the same views on improving the world. Spare Change is targeted to men and women from the ages of 25-50, with an average income of $50,000 or more. Hobbies of the target audience may include, but are not limited to: traveling, nature, being an environmentalist, being active, learning, volunteering and helping others. Below are a few spreads of the publication, however, you can view the full magazine here.

Front Cover
Inside Cover & Table of Contents
Editor’s Notes & Natura Paint Advertisement (Created by Megan Small)

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